About Us


Annipuf (Pretty Unicorn Food) was founded in 2015 by then 4 year old Annika Marie. Inspired by her love of Cotton Candy and unicorns Annipuf was born with dreams of making skin food that made everyone's skin shine, Glow, heal and sparkle like a Pretty Unicorn. We have some Amazing things coming to the Annipuf brand! The First is our PUF girls! This Unicorn Gang will be a group of different Magical characters that will be releasd with each collection we put out! Anni-PUF's first P.U.F Girl character is our puffy haired logo.   

"In Annipuf we trust"

The Annipuf Promise, We are committed to making quality  handcrafted cosmetics for our pretty Unicorns. We are a skinfood lifestyle brand. Every Annipuf product is made with Vegan and Organic ingredients. Not only are our cosmetics safe for your skin but are good for your skin. We will continue to only use simple trusted ingredients you can Pronounce. We are also committed to growing as a life style brand to make the very best cosmetics for you pretty unicorns. This is a brand that encourages you to use your imagination and believe in all things Magical. All our products work magic on the skin taking you on a magical journey with every use.

(Note- we are not a Bath product store.) Our Bath collection is just the first of many different skin food collections to be released.  Annipuf Beauty, Annipuf Men, Annipuf hair, Annipuf baby and Annipuf Merch are some of the different collections that will make up the AnniPUF brand. AnniPUF will open our first Magical store in Los Angeles in the near future.

Customer Service Promise

Our Annipuf Customer is greatly appreciated and will always be put as a priority when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are commtied to creating loyal customers.